Orc Working +99.9%
Blood Elf Working +99.9%
Undead Working +99.9%
Tauren Working +99.9%
Trolls Working +99.9%
Goblins Working +99.9%


Human Working +99.9%
Night Elf Working +99.9%
Gnome Working +99.9%
Dwarf Working +99.9%
Draenei Working +99.9%
Worgen Working +99.9%


Death Knights are working +99.9%
Druids are working +99.9%
Hunters are working +99.9%
Warriors are working +99.9%
Mages are working +99.9%
Paladins are working +99.9%
Priests are working +99.9%
Rogues are working +99.9%
Shamans are working +99.9%
Warlocks are working +99.9%

Glyph and Tier Sets:

Every Single Glyph and Tier Sets are fully Scripted

Dungeon and Raids :

Vanilla Dungeons and Raids are Fully Scripted
The Burning Crusade Dungeons and Raids are Fully Scripted
Wrath of the Lich King Dungeons and Raids are Fully Scripted

Cataclysm Dungeons:

Throne of the Tides Fully Scripted
Blackrock Caverns Fully Scripted
The Stonecore Fully Scripted
The Vortex Pinnacle Fully Scripted
Lost City of the Tol’vir Fully Scripted
Grim Batol Fully Scripted
Halls of Origination Fully Scripted
The Deadmines (Heroic) Fully Scripted
Shadowfang Keep (Heroic) Fully Scripted
Zul’Aman Fully Scripted
Zul’Gurub Fully Scripted
End Time Fully Scripted
Well of Eternity Fully Scripted
Hour of Twilight Fully Scripted

Cataclysm Raids:

Baradin Hold Fully Scripted
The Bastion of Twilight Fully Scripted
Throne of the Four Winds Fully Scripted
Blackwing Descent Fully Scripted

Firelands Fully Scripted

Beth’tilac +99.9% Scripted
Lord Rhyolith +99.9% Scripted
Alysrazor +99.9% Scripted
Shannox +99.9% Scripted
Baleroc +99.9% Scripted
Majordomo Staghelm +99.9% Scripted
Ragnaros +99.9% Scripted

Dragon Soul 99.9% Scripted

Morchok +99.9% Scripted
Warlord Zon’ozz +99.9% Scripted
Yor’sahj the Unsleeping +99.9% Scripted
Hagara the Stormbinder +99.9% Scripted
Ultraxion +99.9% Scripted
Warmaster Blackhorn +99.9% Scripted
Spine of Deathwing +99.9% Scripted
Madness of Deathwing +99.9% Scripted


Random Battlegrounds are 99.9% Scripted.
Warsong Gulch is 99.9% Scripted.
Arathi Basin is 99.9% Scripted.
Eye of the Storm is 99.9% Scripted.
Alterac Valley is 99.9% Scripted.
Strand of the Ancients is 99.9% Scripted.
Isle of Conquest is 99.9% Scripted.
Twin Peaks is 99.9% Scripted.
The Battle for Gilneas 99.9% Scripted.
Tol’Barad is 99.9% Scripted.


Blade’s Edge Arena is Available.
Nagrand Arena is Available.
Ruins of Lordaeron is Available.
The Dalaran Arena is Available.
The Ring of Valor is Available.


Dungeon Finder is 99.9% Scripted.
Raid Finder is 99.9% Scripted.
Rated Battleground is 99.9% Scripted.


AntiCheat SystemAvailable.
Boss Announcer Available.
Duel Reset Available.
Duel Zone Available.

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